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true athelite® Base 1 Warm-Up Pants


Stay warm in cold weather, cool while working out, and quick while on the move.


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Product Description

1.  Two deep side pockets allow you to store portable items without worrying about them falling out.
2.  True e-Lite Fit™ fabric technology makes the pants feel lightweight so you can accelerate on offense and freely move side-to-side on defense.
3.  Fabric moves with you and allows you to show off your crossover without the ball getting caught on your shorts.
4.  Enhanced sweat-wicking technology called No Sweat Tech+™, which keeps your body dry and comfortable during game time.
5.  Odor ProGuard™ reduces foul body odors after a long workout.
6.  Prime UV Shield™ protects you from harmful UV rays during outdoor play.


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